Vegan Pumpkin Donuts (sugar-free & oil- free)

Super fluffy and delicious donuts! Perfekt for Halloween!



For the donuts:

Chocolate sauce:


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F).
  2. Prepare your donut form. I use a silicon donut form so I don’t use any oil.
  3. Put your cooked pumpkin, dates and milk in a food processor or blender and mix well.
  4. Mix your dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Pour your pumpkin-date mixture to your dry ingredients and mix well. Add the applesauce as well.
  5. Divide your dough in the donut form. Bake for about 13-15 minutes. They should be lightly browned.
  6. Mine has 6 holes so I had two rounds of baking.
  7. Serve with melted hot chocolate or with my home-made chocolate sauce.
  8. For the chocolate sauce just mix the cacao powder, date syrup and water. First add less water and gradually add more to reach the desired consistency! You can also add more syrup if you like it sweeter! I personally like the taste of the bitter chocolate.
  9. Dip the top of each donut in the chocolate sauce or melted chocolate and then immediately place onto a parchment lined baking tray and sprinkle some chopped pecan nuts on top.
  10. Keep them in the fridge, but best eaten straight away!


* you can also use normal flour or buckwheat flour

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